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Maybe I Should Have Told You

Last week, I not-so-gracefully sprang the news that we are moving to New Jersey this summer, into John’s parents’ house. Moving is a tough business to talk about, not because we’re not ready for it, but because we almost moved … Continue reading

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YMM Grows Up

As of Sunday, I’ve been blogging for three years. Three years!   The past couple weeks I’ve started to really feel like an adult, and the passage of time that’s elapsed on this site speaks to that. Part of it … Continue reading

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Losing Control . . . As If I Ever Had It

This week I thought my life as a mother was spiraling out of control—out of my control, that is. With a mild stomach bug-ish thing and a twenty-poundish baby who’d decided to push back bedtime, get picky about naps, and … Continue reading

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