The End of an Era

My friends, the time has come.


After months of deliberation, prayer, and reckoning with the voice that I trust to be my conscience, it’s time for my posts here as YoungMarriedMom to come to an end.


I started this blog with hopes of doing a couple of things—writing regularly; making sense of pregnancy and the first years with a baby, especially in the spiritual sense; and sharing some of my experiences in a way that would allow others to reflect as well. I’d like to think that I’ve achieved all three of those goals.


First of all, there’s the novel I’ve completed, edited, and through which I found an agent. I have more fiction in the works, and I’m at a point where I want to–and I mentally, spiritually, emotionally can—dedicate more time to that kind of writing. Hopefully you’ll have more to read from me soon.


Second, while I’m still young, and married, and a mom, my spiritual experience of motherhood is more about absorbing what I see and read right now. I’m taking in so much as our family builds our identity, and online is not the place I need to be working through that. I haven’t processed enough to begin to be able to share it—and that’s exciting! I need more time to talk with John, to read things with him, to take stock of where we are and make decisions about where we’re going, without feeling a self-imposed obligation to post here. Likewise, as the boys get older, I’m not comfortable posting the more personal details of their lives. There will still be “Dear Jacob,” “Dear Henry,” and even “Dear Ethan” letters, but they will be just for our family.


And third, while it’s not the kind of experience I’d anticipated sharing—no one can—from your emails, comments, letters, calls, and most importantly your sharing my posts with others, I know my words have made an impact, especially concerning miscarriage. That I had this place to work through the first year of grieving and that those reflections made a difference in someone else’s life is the most encouraging, most satisfying, most hopeful thing I think I’ve ever experienced through writing. I am so grateful for everyone who was a part of that.


I wanted to make it to my four-year blogiversary, but when you know something has to be done, sometimes it’s better to just make it happen. So that’s what I’m doing today.


Thank you, readers, for your time, your support, your prayers, and your love.


I’m not totally disappearing. The blog and its archives will remain online for at least another year. I’m planning to print my over 535 posts to have for myself, and I’m nerdily exicted about formatting that.


You can still find me on Twitter (@LindsaySchlegel), on facebook with my business (Lindsay Schlegel, Freelance Editorial and Creative Services, LLC), and on my website (


Perhaps you’ll even see me on bookshelves in a couple of years. Who knows? Stranger things have happened.


Until then, all my gratitude,

Lindsay AKA YoungMarriedMom

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Just a Small Town Girl

Don’t forget to enter the book giveaway–Rome Sweet Home by Scott and Kimberly Hahn–here before Friday!

*     *     *

As Jacob gets older, I’m consciously posting less about who he is and how he behaves. I don’t know what the Internet will have become by the time he’s an adult, or even a teenager, and I don’t want to make public something that will be embarrassing for him.


But as far as I can see, the video I’m sharing today is just awesome. How can you not love a kid who can not only sing “Agnus Dei” in Latin, but also knows all the words to Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin’”?


If you don’t watch this in full, you will regret it.



Also, the gorgeous voice in the background is my sister-in-law, Mary, not me. Just for the record.

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Rome Sweet Home—A Giveaway!

This year, my home parish offered everyone a little gift at Christmastime—one that we were not to keep for ourselves, and one that, this week, I’m extending to you.


In light of the call to a New Evangelization, our church set out a ton of copies of a fantastic book about a Protestant couple’s conversion to Catholicism. We were to take a copy and offer it to someone who was Catholic but not currently practicing, or maybe someone who felt broken in one way or another and might be ready to find some healing.


We did take one copy to give to someone in particular, but a few days later, I took one of the extras to give to one of you, my lovely readers. Catholic or not, broken or not, I think you’ll find this story accessible and easy to read.


If nothing else, you’ll learn a little bit about someone else’s story, and maybe it will help you reflect on your own. That’s what you come here for anyway, right?


And for baby pictures, I guess. Okay, here you go.




Anyway, I read Rome Sweet Home by Scott and Kimberly Hahn a few years ago, and loved it. It’s written in a totally conversational tone, and alternates between their perspectives. Scott converted before Kimberly did, and that in between time was really hard for them. But they persevered, they kept praying about what they needed both individually and as a family, and eventually they ended up “home” in the Catholic Church.


For Catholics and those of other faiths alike, I think the book also has some interesting reflections on how much of scripture is used directly in the Catholic Mass. That had a big role in Scott’s conversion (he was a Presbyterian minister), and it was fascinating for me as a Catholic who only began a proper Bible study a few months ago.


I could go on and on, but I’ll stop. If you’re interested in the book, leave a comment below. I’m keeping this simple; it’s not about increasing my visibility on social media. I just want someone who will read the book to have a chance at it. I’ll pick a winner Friday at noon EST!


Good luck and God bless!

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