Rice Cakes! Fun!

No matter what it is, anything I share with Jacob becomes more fun.  Laundry, music, the park, food (wheat-free, nut-free, dairy-free, egg-free food, of course), and even sicknesses. Okay, maybe not sicknesses.  But definitely food.


Turns out, Jacob needs variety in his life, and he’s on to what I thought was my sly alternation between two baby-friendly cereals as snack time finger food. (My boy needs a snack!  How old is he!)


My solution?  An unflavored, not even lightly salted brown rice cake.  Success?



I’d say so.


Oh, little Jacob, I love that you can make even a really sad rice cake a good time.  I would love it more if you could learn to clean up after eating a rice cake.  But all in good time.

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