Why My Birthday Was Awesome

Things that happened yesterday, on my birthday:


  • I pulled something in my left thumb, while saving Jacob from harm in a situation I can’t even remember.


  • I got my first bee sting.


  • My favorite pair of sandals broke.


And yet, my day was awesome.


First, because I need my right thumb for knitting more than I need my left.


Second, because my severely allergic child requires my having Cortisone on hand at all times. That stuff is a dream.


Third, because I’ve been seeing the shoe situation coming for weeks, and it gives me license to seriously shoe-shop.


But most of all, because while spending time on facebook reading birthday messages yesterday I learned of a wedding, an engagement, and a great business school admission. Plus I got an email telling me another friend had eloped and was now married!


I had such a good time celebrating my birthday this weekend that I didn’t think I needed anything more yesterday. But good news is always something I could use more of.


Although this calendar year started out with a lot of bad news, this birthday year is beginning with a whole lot of good, which is certainly something to celebrate!


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One Response to Why My Birthday Was Awesome

  1. Kristin says:


    Glad you had a good birthday; you deserve it so much!

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